1. What is Strategic Meetings Management?

Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) is a disciplined approach to managing enterprise wide meeting and event activities, processes, suppliers and data in order to achieve measurable business objectives aligned with the organization's strategic goals/vision, and deliver value in the form of quantitative savings, risk mitigation and service quality. (NBTA)

2. How was the Maturity Model created?

The best-in-class program indicators and performance measurements are structured in a maturity model format and collected from years of consulting with leading organizations of all sizes and from numerous industries.

3. When was the Maturity Model created?

The industry's first SMM Maturity Model, SMM Benchmark, was started in May, 2009. Plans are to reevaluate the SMM Benchmark Maturity Model periodically for updates based on knowledge gained from consulting and industry best practices.

4. What are the performance measurements used?

The maturity model uses a 6-level process maturity continuum starting with “unaware,” those organizations that be at the beginning of the SMM journey through “mature,” those organizations that may have a mature program in place.

0=Unaware - Describes an organization that is unaware of strategic meetings management and practices
1=Learn - Describes an organization that is aware of the SMM components and may take first steps in building a program

2=Develop - Describes an organization that is building an SMM program and may launch some components
3=Evolve - Describes an organization that has implemented one or a few of the SMM components; Program updates may be underway
4=Transform - Describes an organization with proper oversight, governance and change management for SMM
5=Mature - Describes an organization with the best-in-class practices for SMM

5. Are the questions weighted equally?

Yes. The questions are all weighted equally and while different weightings may have provided more targeted roadmaps, every organization has different business drivers that may influence the strategy articulation map and operational plans to move forward.Therefore, for the sake of simplicity, the categories and questions are all weighted equally.

6. Is my data private?

Yes.  The data resides in an ISO certified environment and the self-assessment is not shown, shared or sold to anyone. The aggregate data from all self-assessments is provided in the report and displayed on the SMM Benchmark Live page.

7. Is there a fee for using the benchmarking?

No.  If you would like custom reports run on industry specific benchmarking data, please contact us and a minimal fee may be charged.

8. How much time does it take to complete the benchmark survey?

The SMM Benchmark assessment contains about 40 questions and can be finished during one logged in session or multiple sessions.  Your data will be saved if you want to return and finish the assessment at a later date.  To answer all 40 questions, you should allot approximately 30 minutes.

9. Can anyone answer the assessment?

Data integrity is always a concern in benchmarking surveys.  Many organizations that offer public benchmarking surveys do not screen the data for the following:
a)  multiple users from the same company answer the assessment and may skew the results
b)  inquisitive responders who may want to test the system but input false data
c)  media responders who test the system in order to report on industry developments

In order to reduce erroneous data, SMM Benchmark will:
a)  review answers received from the same organization and if the geographies match, SMM may contact the responders to either consolidate the answers or allow the answers to remain separate.  It is best if an organization decides who will complete the questionnaire so that duplicate information is not entered per organization.
b)  eliminate all assessments received from a general email account (e.g. Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, etc.) 
c)  allow media responders to take the assessment for industry reporting purposes, but the assessment will be deleted

10. Will travel management, meeting management and other suppliers be allowed to complete the benchmark assessment?

Yes.  Often, suppliers want to benchmark their clients’ meeting programs.  However, only one assessment is allowed per email address. If you want to benchmark multiple clients’ programs, contact us and we will allow you to use a second, general email address.

11. What type of report will I receive?

A benchmark comparison report will provide you with your maturity level against an aggregate of other organizations.  The report will also include a strategy articulation map and provide you with a prescriptive report that provides the risks of your program remaining at status quo, an action plan, best-in-class practices and savings opportunities.

An executive summary of the benchmarking results will be provided quarterly to those who participate in the benchmarking assessment.

12. How is the information in the report used?

The SMM Benchmark application offers a secure environment to self-assess your meetings program and obtain a prescriptive report. Your assessment data and report is private and secured in an ISO certified environment and is not shared with any organization, association or other entity. Information is not sold.  The aggregate benchmarking data is shared publicly. The aggregate benchmark results are provided as an industry tool and are available on the “SMM Benchmark Live” page.

13. Are custom benchmark reports available?

Yes.  Contact us and a minimal fee may be charged.

14. May I start the survey and finish it later?

Yes. Just log back into the system and it will retain your answers and take you where you left off.

15. May I redo my survey?

Yes. You can clear the survey at any point.This facility is provided when you log in.

16. Can I delete my survey?

Yes.  Contact SMM Benchmark and we will delete your assessment.

17. How can I contact you?

We are trusted advisors who provide superior solutions for the travel and meetings management market.  Contact Debi Scholar at debi@SMMbenchmark.com. For more information on Debi Scholar, please go to: http://www.debischolar.com

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